Nam Le

Nam Le

Vietnamese-American poker pro Nam Le is considered by many to be a major threat at live tournaments. Undaunted even by the most pressure-packed of situations, Le’s patient and methodical approach to poker has allowed him to finish in the money in a lot of tournaments. The biggest came in the 2006 World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star event, where he won almost $1.2 million. His career winnings amount to approximately $6 million.

  • When and how did you get into Poker: I got introduce to the game by Tuan Le in 2004
  • Favorite poker game: Pot Limit Hold’em/2-7 triple draw
  • Favorite poker hand and why: AA can’t help but to get excited when I see them
  • Favorite poker player and why: JC Tran, most consistent winning No Limit Hold’em player
  • Sickest bad beat story: not exactly a bad beat story but most painful time in my poker career was losing to Mark Vos for a WSOP bracelet after have a 2-1 chip lead in 2006


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